Bob – Thoroughness

Bob accidentally cut two tendons when cleaning a glass that broke. Dr. Trumble helped repair these tendons providing Bob with full function of his hand.

Brady – Quality of Life

Brady had excessive scar tissue in his elbow following a skiing injury that was limiting his range of motion. Dr. Trumble was able to surgically repair Brady’s elbow increasing his range of motion and quality of life.

Dee – Pain Relief

Dee had debilitating pain in both of her hands. Dr. Trumble was able to surgically repair both of her thumbs so that her pain is now completely gone.

Elizabeth – Return to Sports

Elizabeth is a gymnast who tore her ulnar collateral ligament when doing a back-hand spring making her elbow unstable. Dr. Trumble repaired her ligament enabling her to get back to sports.

Jim – Best Care

Jim broke his distal radius when knocked off his horse. Dr. Trumble repaired his wrist fracture enabling Jim to get back to work on his farm.

Karen – Excellent Staff

Karen had pain in her hands due to arthritis. When steroid injections were no longer effective, Dr. Trumble’s surgical repair helped remove her pain. Karen is pleased with the care she received from the office and hospital staff.

Katie – Regained Function

Katie had multiple fractures in her wrist and a partially torn tendon after slipping on ice and falling. Dr. Trumble surgically repaired her wrist enabling her to write with that arm again.

Peter – Exceeds Expectations

Peter slipped and fell when chasing his dog which caused a complete tendon tear. Dr. Trumble was able to surgically repair his tendon. Peter appreciated the clinical staff’s support through the process.

Ruth – Wonderful Hand

Ruth’s hand had become virtually unusable as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Trumble surgically reconstructed her hand enabling Ruth to use it again.